Ex-Midnight Society dev claims “abusive leadership” drove him out of Dr Disrespect’s studio

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Ryan Mitchell, a digital marketer who briefly worked at Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society, has alleged “abusive leadership” drove him from the studio just a few months into his full-time role.

Mitchell publicized these allegations against his former workplace in a YouTube video on May 15. While he stressed the development team was “incredible,” and he felt “creatively fulfilled” during his time there, “abusive leadership” from one individual began to push him away.

“This toxic person is not Dr Disrespect,” he quickly clarified. “I had nothing but good interactions with Doc. He’s extremely creative, and his presence at Midnight Society still makes me confident that the studio as a whole is going to succeed.”

Instead, it was an undisclosed member of the leadership group whose alleged “toxic behavior” was so bad it compelled Mitchell to step away from his “dream job” due to the toll it was taking on his mental health and general wellbeing.

Mitchell’s allegations point toward workplace toxicity at Midnight Society.

Mitchell explained these specific hassles began during the Founders Pass launch week. “There was some toxicity from a member of the company’s leadership,” he claimed. “This was not a slight. This was not passive aggression. This was straight-up yelling and bullying on calls.”

Initially, Mitchell “chalked it up” to launch week stress. However, he claimed the alleged abusive behavior continued and progressively worsened.

Every day was like a grindstone. Do you think a team can be creative when they’re busy tiptoeing around said person?”

Eventually, Mitchell grew tired of these conditions in the workplace and sought a way out.

“After a particular meeting full of verbal abuse, I decided to leave. I started applying for jobs. I applied for freelancing gigs, and on Friday, May 13, I gave in my resignation.”

Explaining why his resignation was bittersweet, Mitchell claimed he left a “stable job as a marketing director” to join a “true startup” in Midnight Society. “A place where I could take all of my creativity and inspire those under me while learning and growing.”

However, he claimed it was ultimately the right decision when his enjoyment of the role “all came crashing down” due to the alleged toxicity from this one individual.

I don’t regret joining. I sure as hell don’t regret leaving, because no day job is worth your mental health, even a dream job.”

Dexerto has reached out to Midnight Society for further comment.

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