Asmongold responds to Twitch leak revealing streamer’s earnings

Asmongold streaming on TwitchTwitch: asmongold

As the earnings of thousands of Twitch streamers has apparently been leaked in a data breach, some of the top creators have responded, including Asmongold, who has cast doubt on the accuracy of the figures.

On October 6, a large data dump was posted on 4chan and quickly began to spread. In total, 125gb of data, apparently leaked from Twitch, was shared.

Among other data, there was earnings for streamers, dating back to September 2019. Some streamers have told Dexerto that the figures are accurate, while others said they were wrong – and Asmongold has too.

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Shortly after word spread about the leak, Asmon, streaming on his second channel, addressed the chatter from his viewers, appearing to dispel the numbers attached.

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A data leak claimed to reveal earnings for thousands of streamers.

Asmongold says Twitch leak is inaccurate

First saying he didn’t care about the leak, he also added that the earnings figure attributed to him was wrong. “It was wrong, for my number, though. I’ll say that.”

However, this could be because Asmongold saw the first version of the leaked numbers, which have since been updated with a “correction.”

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At first, an initial set of figures spread on social media, which put Asmongold’s Twitch earnings (not including donations or sponsorships) at over $19 million since September 2019.

However, on the updated list, Asmongold’s figure was much lower, though still substantial, at $2.5 million.

Another piece of data from the leak presented streamer’s earnings for the month of September 2021. In this data, Asmongold apparently made $141,000 in that month.

Twitch has not yet responded publicly or to requests for comment on the alleged data breach. However, a company source told VGC that it was legitimate.

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The data breach also included information about a Steam competitor reportedly in development from Amazon, as well as passwords, with users recommended to change their password.

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