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Dr Disrespect reveals EA shadowbanned him after “scummy” Twitch ban

Published: 12/Nov/2021 19:51

by Bill Cooney


Dr Disrespect has claimed that in addition to being banned from Twitch, he’s been “shadowbanned” by EA as well.

The Two-Time has been banned from Twitch for over a year. While we still have no idea why — Doc claims he does, and is planning to sue the streaming site.

But besides a ban from the biggest live platform online, Dr Disrespect says he’s also been shadowbanned from working with EA as a result.

During a YouTube stream on November 12, Doc claimed he was put “on a list” by the video game company.

“Champs, I am on a shadowban list from EA. There, I’ll say it, I’ve been shadowbanned from EA,” the streamer explained. “I’m on a list. Since the purple snake scummy ban, we’ve taken a hit on so many things behind the scenes champs.”


“We’ve taken a hit on so many things, and not just the original [Twitch] contract,” Doc continued, referencing the large earnings loss he’s experienced since switching platforms.

This doesn’t mean Dr Disrespect can’t play EA games, as he streams Apex Legends from time to time. Instead, it refers to the publisher not working with him on any sponsorships or deals.

Twitch logo on phone next to Dr Disrespect streaming on YouTube.
Twitch / YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Why Doc was purged from Twitch is still one of streaming’s biggest mysteries.

Doc has talked extensively about the networking and marketing challenges he and his brand have faced since being banned from Twitch as well. So, we could see the EA shadowban brought up again when his lawsuit against the site happens.


When the suit does happen, there will be a bunch of new information that comes out. This could include damages he’s faced from lost deals as mentioned here, and even why he was banned in the first place.