Dr Disrespect reveals huge earnings loss from Twitch ban & YouTube move

Dylan Horetski
Dr DIsrespect Twitch

Being banned from Twitch isn’t the only thing Dr Disrespect has had to deal with lately, as the streamer also claims he’s taken a massive hit to his earnings since his ban. 

You probably already know about Dr Disrespect’s infamous Twitch ban in 2020, but until August 23, Doc has been almost completely quiet about it.

Before revealing that he knew why he was banned from the Amazon-owned platform and that he is now suing, he made a harrowing comment about how much the ban affected him financially.

dr disrespect in the arena
Dr Disrespect has reported he’s suing Twitch after his 2020 ban from the platform.

Dr Disrespect reacts to his financial loss

“I make probably a fourth, a quarter, of what I was making on Twitch,” the Two-Time said before he went on to explain how people always say he’s doing great on his new platform.

After telling his chat how much he appreciates their support while he maximizes the resources he has, Doc told viewers that the ban has also put a significant damper on his networking opportunities.

“With all the relationships we’ve built over the past five years, in terms of Activision and EA, all the big sponsors and all the big partnerships have to question — Why did you get banned?” he continued, before expressing: “We’ve been doing good… enough.”

He went on to explain how the situation for the last year has been extremely disheartening and a roller-coaster of emotions before ending his talk about his financial hardships with one simple phrase: “It absolutely f***ing sucks.”

Even though Dr Disrespect says he’s been blacklisted and shadow-banned by partners and sponsors, he seems to still be doing pretty well – at least, from the outside looking in. With 3.46 million subs on YouTube, he’s still holding brand partnerships with the likes of Turtle Beach, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, and Fanduel.

We know now that there are some struggles in the Champions Club, and that he’s even suing the purple-themed streaming platform – but where he goes from here is still unclear until the Two-Time decides to let fans in on what’s going down behind the scenes.

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