Dr Disrespect urges Vanguard players to use controller after aim assist discovery

Isaac McIntyre
Dr Disrespect holds up controller.

Dr Disrespect believes Call of Duty Vanguard’s aim assist on controller may be the “strongest ever” ⁠and is urging other players to swap to the sticks to take advantage of Sledgehammer Games ‘overtuning’ the feature.

Before Call of Duty Vanguard arrived, Dr Disrespect revealed he was planning to swap keyboard & mouse for controller “full-time,” and true to his word, has been riding the sticks in Sledgehammer’s new title ever since.

The Doc has been hard on the Vanguard grind since last weekend and, outside a few suggestions he may quit the game on opening day, has been finding his feet quite well, and dominating. While Dr Disrespect is a renowned gamer in his own rights, the two-time says he’s got a little help in Vanguard ⁠— auto-aim.

“I think it’s the strongest aim assist of all time,” he said.

Dr Disrespect is so convinced, in fact, that he’s issued a warning: play Call of Duty Vanguard on controller, or risk being left behind for the entire cycle.

Dr Disrespect looks stunned while playing Warzone.
The two-time was stunned by the power of CoD Vanguard’s controller aim assist.

During one recent CoD Vanguard stream, the YouTuber locked in a day of controller gameplay, eager to test the sticks against his mouse & keyboard setup.

Things went well for him straight off the bat as he and fellow YouTube stars CouRage and TimTheTatman sunk their teeth into Sledgehammer’s latest game. Soon, playing on new map Das Haus, the two-time dropped a 100-bomb.

When asked what gun he was using he laughed: “Controller!”

That first inkling that aim assist was guiding his hand ⁠— at least a little ⁠— soon lead the Doc to start checking how much auto-aim he got against other enemies.

Call of Duty Vanguard Russian Sniper Winter Outfit Final
Vanguard’s guns might feel even more deadly once you jump on the sticks.

As he tested, the streamer’s theory seemed to come true: his shots were landing easier, movement kept his reticle pinned to enemies, and even when he snapped close to opponents, the marker would jump to their bodies. Dr Disrespect seemed convinced and declared his findings.

“See that, see my aim assist? I can feel that man. I can f**king feel it dragging, holy sh*t,” the Doc said, before delivering his verdict. “This may be the strongest aim assist game of all time. Definitely of all the Call of Duty’s.”

He concluded: “Aim assist is strong, very dramatic in this game.”

“It might be the case that everyone is swapping to controllers soon. Everyone [in tournaments] but myself, HusKerrs, maybe, are using them already.”

In fact, Dr Disrespect admitted swapping onto the controller and “finally being able to match all the controller kids” had put any ideas of shelving Vanguard days into the game’s release out of his mind. While he may not stick to the sticks long-term, he concluded aim assist is “very interesting.”

“I actually had a lot of fun today. It was a complete reverse from [launch day],” the YouTuber said. “Especially using the controller… 100-kill games there!”

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