David Dobrik explains why he would never fight Adin Ross

David Dobrik fight adin rossYouTube: David Dobrik / Twitch: Adin Ross

The YouTube boxing phenomenon is still roaring, and many have asked for the vlog star David Dobrik to hop right in. However, that isn’t happening any time soon, with the YouTuber explaining why he won’t fight Adin Ross, or anyone for that matter.

We’ve had TikTokers fight YouTubers and YouTubers fight Twitch stars. Influencer boxing fights don’t seem to be stopping, with more stars hopping on board the hype train.

David Dobrik, however, isn’t one of them.

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The YouTube vlog star laid low during the highs of influencer boxing, dealing with allegations of harassment on the set of his Vlog Squad series.

Even then though, Dobrik doesn’t want to punch on with anyone in the streamer and influencer community.

David Dobrik plotting Hawaii getaway to prepare for YouTube comeback.YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik doesn’t really want to fight Adin Ross — or anyone — despite YouTube boxing being so popular.

When posed a question about potentially fighting Adin Ross, Dobrik brushed it off. The YouTube star doesn’t want to fight anyone ⁠— mostly because he can’t.

“Bro, I can’t fight anybody. I wish. I wish there was like a different sport,” he said.

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“Any racquet sport, I know that makes me sound like even a bigger p*ssy, but anything like Ping Pong, Tennis, even like basketball, but I can’t fight. I can’t do it.”

However, Dobrik didn’t exactly put the fight to bed. If he’s pressured enough, he conceded that he’ll “have to at some point” ⁠— either against Adin Ross or another internet star.

The related segment begins at 3:45.

Fighting obviously isn’t for everyone. With all the training and preparation that comes beforehand, that is time that could be spent on other things like filming vlogs for Dobrik.

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However, expanding these fights into other sporting pursuits would make for interesting content.

If someone takes him up on his offer on a cheeky game of table tennis, a new “meta” regarding YouTuber challenges could kick-off.

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