AnEsonGib responds to Bryce Hall fight request: “Don’t be foolish”

Alex Tsiaoussidis
AnEsonGib responds to Bryce Hall fight requestInstagram: AnEsonGib / Bryce Hall

Ali Loui ‘AnEsonGib’ Al-Fakhri responded to Bryce Hall’s claims that he’d rather fight him than Taylor Holder, telling him not to be foolish and implying that he’d give him an “a** whooping.”

Bryce Hall is thinking about stepping into the ring again following the one-sided beatdown he received from Austin McBroom at Battle of the Platforms.

He revealed that KSI’s brother, Oladeji Daniel ‘Deji’ Olatunji, would be his ideal opponent.

However, when Tana Mongeau asked him if he’d rather fight Taylor Holder or AnEsonGib, he said the latter, claiming he’d be able to beat him.

But his comments didn’t sit well with Gib, who implied that he’d give him an “a** whooping.”

Tayler Holder AnEsonGibInstagram: TaylerHolder
After his win against Holder, AnEsonGib wants to take on Hall.

“There, there, my son,” said Gib, holding a fake baby with Holder’s name attached to its back. “I understand the lawsuit was hard on you. But you should never be in denial.”

It was a clear reference to Holder’s ongoing lawsuit against McBroom for allegedly not getting paid at the event. However, he only mentioned it to set up his fiery response to Hall’s comments.

“And to your friends who want a piece of this, tell them about the a** whooping that I put you through,” he added, clearly referring to Hall. “Don’t be foolish, lads. Don’t be foolish.”

Gib dominated Holder and is confident a fight against Hall will go the same way, but he’ll have to get in line for that.

The only way it could happen is if Hall’s fight against Deji doesn’t eventuate. Gib will be the next best choice given that he’s a huge draw himself.