TikTok’s viral “Milk Crate Challenge” is leaving some people seriously injured

TikTok milk crate challenge ends in injuriesYouTube: D Green / Twitter: @joshnsanchez

The latest trend taking TikTok by storm involves a mountain of milk crates… but it turns out that climbing these unstable boxes can leave users with broken bones, bruises, and worse.

TikTok is a haven for all manner of memes and challenges. Taking after tasks like the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Cinnamon Challenge from ages past, TikTok has spawned an entirely new generation of trends that are all the rage online.

However, some of TikTok’s biggest bandwagon moments can, at times, lead to serious injury. The platform has experienced several challenges that have been warned against by medical professionals, including the Nutmeg Challenge and a “sinus cleansing” garlic-up-the-nose trick, among more serious cases that have even claimed lives.

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The latest trend to take over the app is the Milk Crate Challenge. On the surface, this particular stunt doesn’t seem too hazardous, with the goal being to successfully climb a stack of milk crates without falling to the floor.

While some users are putting everyone to shame with their skills — including one woman who managed to ascend and descend the milk crate stack in high heels — others are not so graceful.

A quick search of the term ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ on TikTok or Twitter brings up a slew of videos that show people wiping out, usually in outdoor environments and on pavement. This, understandably, can lead to major injuries, says Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Shawn Anthony.

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In a statement to The Today Show, Dr. Anthony claims that hospitals are already seeing a slew of wounds from the challenge, which include things like “broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL and meniscus tears, as well as life-threatening conditions like spinal cord injuries.”

“Emergency rooms across the country are already overcrowded and elective surgeries are being delayed or postponed due to lack of hospital beds,” he added. “This social media challenge puts unnecessary additional stress on our health system and health care providers.”

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Dr. Anthony isn’t the only orthopedic surgeon to warn against this trend, either; Virginia-based surgeon Dr. George Gantsoudes also tweeted a reminder that treatment for injuries resulting from such a trend might be labeled “elective surgeries,” which aren’t always considered emergencies.

Think twice before you want to try out the Milk Crate challenge next time — it might just save you a trip to the ER!

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