Coffeezilla slams FaZe Kay for “scapegoating” Sam Pepper in SaveTheKids crypto scam

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Less than two weeks after Frazier Kay released his video titled “What Really Happened With SaveTheKids,” Coffeezilla has fact-checked some of Kay’s comments and released a video of his own. 

Shortly after promoting a charity altcoin called ‘SaveTheKids’, it became apparent that certain influencers were using the coin for their own advantage. Among those influencers were FaZe members Kay, Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo who were swiftly kicked and suspended from the popular gaming organization.

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Just over a month after being removed from FaZe, Frazier Kay uploaded a response video on his YouTube channel, in which he proceeds to blame ex-FaZe employee Sam Pepper for everything bad that happened with the coin – despite evidence that he owned and sold the SaveTheKids coin at launch.

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Frazier Kay is under the spotlight for his involvement in the SaveTheKids crypto scam

Coffeezilla debunking claims by Frazier Kay

In a video posted on August 23, titled: “CONFRONTING Frazier Kay on Save The Kids”, Coffeezilla sets himself in a police-style interview room asking an edited-in Kay questions regarding his video.

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He claims to have tons of evidence that Kay is a big part of the SaveTheKids scam, stating that Kay has thousands of dollars wrapped into hundreds of different types of coins, which would disprove the content creators’ claims of not knowing anything about crypto.

Referencing Kay’s statement that he is not a crypto mastermind and he trusted other people too much, Coffeezilla added: “That’s absolute bulls***. You can’t just scapegoat Sam Pepper. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a bad dude. But let’s be honest, you’re looking pretty bad too. You were an ambassador of a kid’s charity coin and sold it within 24 hours.”

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Continuing the ‘interview’ with Kay, the YouTuber starts to fact-check Frazier’s video. He brings up a crypto wallet that Kay had said belonged to Sam Pepper, and instead tracked it down to a Twitter user by the name of “BoinkBoink,” showing a screenshot of the user posting his wallet on Twitter.

Coffeezilla also notes the SaveTheKids presale list, a list where Frazier Kay had claimed all the wallets belonged to Sam Pepper. Kay claims none of these names exist, showing a short video of him searching the name “pronos333” on Twitter.

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In response back to the former FaZe star’s claim, Coffeezilla explains that not only was Kay wrong about the list belonging to Sam — the users on the list were from Telegram.

(Full video can be viewed below)

Coffeezilla responds to Kay’s claims of innocence

After trying to debunk almost all of Kay’s claims, Coffeezilla noted that he is not defending Sam Pepper.

In an older video, Coffeezilla revealed all of the evidence that he had at the time showing Kay was allegedly guilty in the scam. With Frazier’s response video, however, the investigative reporter felt that he needed to uncover some more information.

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In the former FaZe Clan member’s response video regarding SaveTheKids, he shares four crypto wallets on screen.

Coffeezilla researched those wallets and said he found one that had quite a bit of crypto in it — over 22 million SaveTheKids tokens. This makes him the holder of the largest balance of the SaveTheKids token at launch.

He says Kay had the most SaveTheKids tokens when it was released, so Coffee decided to research when both Frazier Kay and Sam Pepper had sold their share of the tokens. He goes on to say Frazier Kay sold his shares 30 minutes before Sam Pepper.

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Coffeezilla has uploaded several videos with potential evidence that the former FaZe Clan member may be guilty, among others.

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