David Dobrik teases new pizza shop ‘Doughbriks’ ahead of LA opening

. 11 months ago
YouTube, Instagram: David Dobrik

Last year, it was speculated that YouTube star David Dobrik was gearing up to open his very own pizzeria— and now, he’s finally teased some of the restaurant’s eats ahead of its launch in LA.

David Dobrik has returned to the internet after undergoing a slew of accusations from former Vlog Squad members and other influencers… but it doesn’t look like the controversies are putting a damper on his comeback.

On July 21, the vlogger shared a couple of videos to his Instagram stories, confirming that he and friend Ilya Fedorovich are launching their very own pizza company, humorously named ‘Doughbriks.’

“So, as you know, Iliya and I are launching a pizza company,” Dobrik said, interrupted by an excited Ilya shouting, “Doughbrik’s pizza, baby!”

David Dobrik pays for friends life changing surgery
YouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik made his grand return to YouTube on June 16 – but not everyone was hyped to see him come back to the platform.

“We’ve been taste-testing pizzas for months, and we still have months to go, but here is one of the pizzas that we’re kind of getting closer on. I’m gonna show you,” he continued. “I don’t wanna show any more. I’m just gonna show one pizza, but this is it.”

The pie in question was just “one version” of your standard cheese pizza. According to Dobrik, it’s merely a “potential” addition to their upcoming venture, which — according to the Doughbriks official Instagram page — will be launching in Los Angeles “soon.”

This latest teaser comes nearly a year after speculation mounted regarding Dobrik opening a possible pizzeria, after three trademark filings for ‘Doughbriks’ became public knowledge.

The trademarks were filed under three business categories: restaurant services, frozen pizzas, and clothing, meaning that Doughbriks could be making its very own merch line.

This isn’t the first restaurant that a member of the Vlog Squad has opened up, either; influencer Nick “Jonah” Antonyan notably opened ‘Jonah’s Kebob’ in Hollywood in honor of his father, which has been featured in numerous videos from fellow collaborators ever since.

Jonah's Kebab signage
Vlog Squad member and fellow influencer Nick Antonyan notably opened up his own kebab restaurant in honor of his father.

Considering the slew of allegations surrounding Dobrik at the moment, it seems that public opinion on the vlogger’s latest eatery is decidedly mixed… but the jury’s still out on the taste test.

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