Logan Paul Originals NFT lets buyer join him in next fight

Logan Paul posing in boxing ring with white gloves and yellow trunksAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Logan Paul is selling another of his Originals NFT project, and if you fork up the cash, you can get involved in his next fight. Though, you won’t exactly be his next opponent. 

Just like his brother Jake, Logan Paul has been helping raise the bar when it comes to influencers being involved with boxing. He was a part of the first professional fight – where he lost to KSI – and he’s even gone the distance with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

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His interest in NFTs and collectibles have also played a big role in his fights as well, as he brought a 1998 holographic Charizard card to the ring for his fight with Floyd, and did so again at Wrestlemania.

Logan has been out of the ring since that big-time exhibition with Floyd, and he’s been preparing to get back inside the squared circle, he’s been selling NFTs as a part of his ‘Originals’ collection – and now, his two interests are intersecting again.

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logan paul 99 originals headerLogan Paul (YouTube)
99 Originals is a different kind of NFT project helmed by YouTube star Logan Paul.

On June 10, Logan announced that the 16th part of his 99 Originals NFTs – an image of his broken hand from inside the hospital – would be going up for sale.

As well as getting their hands on the NFT, the eventual buyer will also get to walk with Logan to the ring during his next fight, and they’ll also be able to pick the colors for his trunks and fight robe.

So, while it’s not like they’ll be paying to be Logan’s opponent, the winner of the auction will play a pretty role in his next fight – whenever that may be.

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Up to now, there have been claims that Logan will fight in August – on his own card, separate to his brother Jake – against a yet-to-be-announced opponent.

The social media star hasn’t confirmed these rumors just yet, but with plenty of talk swirling around it, as well as the incentives with the NFT, his return to the ring can’t be far off.

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