Is Hasbulla fighting Abdu Rozik in the UFC? Dana White hints at possible fight date

. 3 weeks ago
hasbullah vs abdu rozik
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UFC President Dana White has hinted at a possible date for the highly anticipated bout between Internet star Hasbullah Magomedov and his rival Abdu Rozik.

Known as the ‘Mini Khabib’, 19-year-old Hasbulla Magomedov garnered the attention of millions in 2020 due to his child-like appearance and feisty personality. And as the internet usually does, they began hyping up a potential fight between him and Abdu Rozik – another viral star who suffers from the same condition as Magomedov.

While Hasbulla turned down 7 million Russian Rubles to face off against Abdu in 2021, he revealed in an interview with Barstool Sports earlier this year that he sees no other solution than to “smack” Rozik next time he sees him to “shut him up.”

As it turns out, we could see the two of them stepping in the ring sooner than imagined after UFC President Dana White has hinted at a possible fight date.

Instagram: hasbulla_
Hasbulla took over the internet in 2020 and is a viral part of Russia’s MMA scene.

During a recent episode of Barstool Sports’ Spinnin Backfist podcast on June 7, Dana White sat down for a talk ahead of UFC 275 this weekend in Singapore. When discussing fights, the UFC President was asked about a potential bout between Hasbulla and Rozik.

“I assume you’ve got all the fights in front of you, and now we do have to ask about the biggest fight in MMA. Is it in front of you, a date for Hasbulla vs Abdu Rozik, or is that fight not in the UFC’s Radar right now,” asked Jack McGuire.

“You’re asking if that’s on the radar yet,” Dana replied while chuckling. “Yeah, August 20.”

While it’s unclear if White was being serious, there’s a clear demand for the fight to happen, as the internet has proved over time with their demands to see it happen. However, with Dana and Hasbulla previously discussing fight terms, it could be genuine.

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