What happened to Da Mimmo after Kitchen Nightmares: Open or closed?

Stephanie Harper
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Da Mimmo received loads of feedback from Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares. Have they taken his advice seriously enough to survive?

If you’re curious to know whether or not you can dine in at Da Mimmo after seeing it featured on Kitchen Nightmares, you’re in luck. Da Mimmo is still presently open!

This restaurant was featured on Kitchen Nightmares Season 8, Episode 4. Da Mimmo is a pizzeria located in Dumont, New Jersey. Plenty of restaurants that appear in episodes of this hit reality TV show don’t stand the test of time.

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That’s because a lot of their flaws are put on spectacle with Gordon Ramsay calling out every single thing he finds inappropriate. Here’s what Kitchen Nightmares fans should know about Da Mimmo and where it stands today.

Da Mimmo is still open after Kitchen Nightmares

One of the most interesting details about Da Mimmo is that it’s run by three brothers. The Gigante brothers are TikTok influencers who care about their social media presence just as much as they care about the success of their restaurant.

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In total, these brothers have 3 million followers keeping up with their daily activities. Food blogging has always been popular on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. These brothers have capitalized on that.

Vincent Gigante, Antonio Gigante, and Vito Gigante are the brothers in charge of running this brick oven pizzeria. Their mother, Melissa, is also heavily involved as an owner of the business.

Before getting involved in the restaurant industry with her sons, Melissa served as a police lieutenant in Hoboken for 26 years.

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This family reached out to Gordon for assistance in making necessary changes for the success of Da Mimmo due to their massive debt. It’s been revealed that they’re in debt by almost half a million dollars –which is incredibly serious.

Now that the show has been featured on Kitchen Nightmares, there’s a chance their debt will be cleared up by new clientele. Some of the dishes you can order along with pizza include chicken, mussels, and meatballs.

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