Prime Hydration co-owner reveals MrBeast has a ‘world-changing’ announcement coming

Virginia Glaze
MrBeast sitting by a microphone

Prime Hydration’s co-owner, Trey Steiger, revealed that YouTube star MrBeast has an upcoming announcement slated for October 2024 in a post on LinkedIn.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of the net’s most popular entertainers and YouTube’s most-subscribed creator thanks to his big-budget projects and over-the-top challenges.

He’s more than an influencer; he’s also launched a massive brand of chocolate bars, Feastables — and there’s more on the way, as told by court documents amid his ongoing lawsuit with MrBeast Burgers.

The co-owner of Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration, Trey Steiger, seems to have teased even more things in the works for MrBeast, as told in a comment he made on LinkedIn.

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In his post, Steiger hit back at a critic of MrBeast, who accused the YouTuber of “slanging diabetes” to children “all for more money” with his Feastables bars.

“MrBeast has an announcement coming in October that will make you understand the vision,” Steiger wrote. “He’s changing the world, and this post will not age well for you.”

“Put it this way, what he’s doing is changing his industry and will set the tone for ‘big chocolate,'” he added in a response to another commenter. “It’s not my place to let the cat out of the bag. Just know, there’s a reason he’s the king of YouTube and that same drive will be seen in CPG come October.”


This news comes after court documents in MrBeast’s ongoing lawsuit against MrBeast Burger revealed that the YouTuber plans on starting both a beverage brand and a mobile game set to launch in 2025.

He’s just the latest creator to jump into the beverage biz, following in the footsteps of Logan Paul and KSI’s hugely successful Prime Hydration line, which has secured partnerships with major sports teams like the LA Lakers and even the WWE.

MrBeast also confirmed that a white chocolate Feastables bar, a highly-requested flavor, is finally in the works, saying it’s set to launch “soon” after going through “100 iterations” to make sure it’s up to his standards.

MrBeast’s products are wildly popular, flying off the shelves at Target and Walmart locations across the country — to the point where the YouTuber had to restock the products himself in an effort to please his ever-growing fanbase, so it’s safe to say that this next big venture might have a similar reception from viewers.