Food critic Keith Lee is getting his own Pizza Hut menu item

Lauren Lewis
Keith Lee pizza hut

Keith Lee, renowned food critic, has been given the opportunity to create his very own Pizza Hut menu item.

To support local communities and unveil the FamiLEE Community Pizza, food critic, TikToker, and former MMA fighter Keith Lee will be teaming up with Pizza Hut’s $12ANY campaign, to deliver fans with a FamiLEE Community Pizza. 

This new pizza released by the chain will offer up a “unique blend of flavors and community spirit.”

The pizza is made to accommodate Lee’s favorite toppings: “pepperoni and bacon on hand-tossed crust, the FamiLEE Community Pizza offers a tantalizing taste of culinary excellence and savory combinations.”

But, Keith Lee recognizes that not every family shares the same preferences when it comes to pizza, so as a part of the deal, for $12, groups will have the opportunity to customize their pizza toppings, as well as the crust. 

Keith Lee Pizza Hut

“I am blessed to team up with Pizza Hut for the FamiLEE Community Pizza and I’m excited to support causes that hit close to home,” The popular TikToker said. 

“This partnership is all about sharing love through food, bringing communities together, and doing what we truly feel is supposed to be done within our space. Pizza Hut has been there during big moments in life with my family, and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey together and I can only be thankful in advance that this pizza will encourage others to do the same.”

Pizza Hut previously went viral in March, when they revealed they’d be releasing a basketball-hoop-shaped pizza.

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