Daniel Cormier is all in for Jake Paul fight, but UFC star has “one condition”

Jake Paul Daniel Cormier UFCInstagram: dc_mma / Instagram: JakePaul

Former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier has confirmed that he’s open to fighting controversial YouTube star Jake Paul, but he has one specific condition if the showdown is to happen.

Ever since Paul’s first-round knockout over Ben Askren, social media has been anxiously awaiting news on his next opponent. While other internet celebrities threw their name into the hat, none have generated interest quite like DC.

The former UFC double champ first addressed the idea on an April 19 episode of the DC & Helwani show. Cormier explained at the time how there is no world in which he would ever “fight down” and face Paul. 

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After coming face to face at UFC 261 over the weekend, however, things are a little different now. Cormier is actually open to a potential fight. Though it has to happen on one condition — it “must be an MMA fight.”

Daniel Cormier open to Jake Paul fight on one condition

“This kid wants to fight?” Cormier laughed. “Ok, but it’ll be a mixed martial arts competition,” he told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on April 26. If he actually wants to fight with me, fight me in an MMA competition.”

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Having retired in August 2020 with a final record of 22 wins and three losses, Cormier cemented himself as one of the all-time greats. Despite now enjoying the retired life, the former champ assured it’d be a one-sided affair if he ever jumped back in to meet Paul in an octagon.

“At 43 years old, bad back and everything, I’m going to torture him. I’m going to smash him, I’m going to hurt him.”

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Daniel Cormier and Jake Paul come face to face at UFC 261

While he’s open to an MMA bout, a strict boxing match still appears off-limits for now. “Why would I go and box Jake Paul? DC questioned. “I made my money as the Heavyweight champ. I’m not chasing a payday.”

Despite not wanting to meet on Paul’s terms, that didn’t stop the UFC veteran from meeting him face to face. Paul arrived at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena midway through the UFC 261 PPV and quickly drew attention from the crowd. 

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With “f*** Jake Paul” chants echoing through the venue, DC stood up from the desk where he was working as a commentator. Walking over to Paul, he made it clear that he’s not “going to play [his] games.”

“Don’t mess with me,” he told Paul. “I’m not gonna be on the internet messing around. Keep my name out of your mouth or you’re gonna get yourself hurt.”

“I wanted to grab his face and smash him into the ground,” DC explained. “But I would’ve got in trouble.”

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The relevant topic begins at the 53:30 mark below.

Clearly, there’s more animosity between the two than ever before. While Paul was allegedly yelling at DC to “sign the contract,” not only is there no contract, but he evidently has no interest in a straight boxing showdown.

If the two ever clash, it won’t be on Paul’s terms. At least, that’s DC’s stance for the time being. Last week, he shot down any notion of a fight altogether. This week, he’s open to an MMA fight.

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Perhaps with enough time, Paul can talk himself into boxing one of UFC’s all-time greats.