Cashier goes viral for looking just like a combination of Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber

TikToker goes viral for looking like Dua Lipa and Hailey BieberYouTube: Good Morning America, WIRED / Instagram: lupana_cano

A cashier is taking TikTok by storm as viewers can’t help but think she looks just like both UK pop star Dua Lipa and American model Hailey Bieber at the same time.

TikTok is home to over one billion active users worldwide and stands as one of the most prominent social media platforms over other apps like Twitter and Instagram — even outranking searches for Google back in 2021.

As such, it stands to reason that at least a few of TikTok’s billion users would be celebrity lookalikes. In fact, a few have gone viral online over the past year, including a Selena Gomez doppelganger that had viewers doing a double-take.

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Now, another lookalike has taken over the video-sharing app, and her response to all the attention has been nothing short of legendary.

TikToker goes viral for looking like Dua Lipa & Hailey Bieber

23-year-old TikToker Alejandra Silva has garnered over one million followers on the app for her uncanny resemblance to both UK singer Dua Lipa and American model Hailey Bieber, and commenters can’t get enough of her unique looks.

Seemingly in response to all the comparisons, she’s even made her online handle ‘dua_lupitaa’ to poke fun at her social media stardom.

Unlike her doppelgangers, Silva isn’t a globe-trotting superstar… at least, not yet, but there’s no telling where her newfound internet fame will take her next. For now, the TikToker is a cashier at Oxxo, a chain of convenience stores found in Mexico.

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Silva’s videos have racked up millions of views each as fans can’t get enough of the celebrity lookalike working behind the counter.

“Dua Lipa works at an Oxxo,” one user wrote.

“I fell in love with the Oxxo girl,” another joked.

Another commenter cheekily called the cashier a “Dua Lipa lite” version.

In fact, Silva has even been interviewed by local news outlets after getting noticed by netizens, who she says she’s grateful for “liking my content.”

For now, it looks like Silva isn’t shy of sharing her experiences as an Oxxo cashier while also boasting celebrity looks — and the internet is clearly here for it.

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This is just the latest lookalike to go viral on TikTok after Kylie Jenner’s doppelganger took over the platform over the summer.