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Bryce Hall’s party kiss with Josie Canseco goes viral

Published: 15/Aug/2021 14:04

by Georgina Smith


A video of TikToker Bryce Hall kissing Josie Canseco at a party is going viral, and although some fans think there could be something going on between the pair, they firmly denied dating rumors months prior.

Ever since Bryce Hall and Addison Rae broke up, fans have been waiting to see whether either of the stars end up in a new relationship, keeping a close eye out for any hints on social media.

For the past few months, many have theorized that Bryce could be dating fellow influencer Riley Hubatka, after she started appearing more and more in his content, even kissing him in one of his vlogs. However, Bryce went on to establish that the pair are not dating.


Bryce even called out paparazzi after they made it seem like he was on a romantic date with a mystery girl.

But it seems like rumors about the star’s love life aren’t slowing down, after a video of him kissing model Josie Canseco at his birthday party started gaining traction online.


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Back in June, Josie denied that she and Bryce are romantically involved, stating: “I can’t believe I’m even addressing this but guys I’m reeeeaally not dating bryce. at all. in any way. pls stop. how many times do I have to say I’m completely single… end of story.”


However, some fans wondered if this kiss meant something more, and immediately started asking, “what about Riley?”

On the flip side, plenty of people defended Bryce, one fan writing, “can y’all just leave Bryce alone, he’s single,” and another writing, “why should he apologize? he’s not in a relationship.”

The clip is garnering ten of thousands of views and likes online, as fans’ curiosity about the TikTok star’s love life continues.