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Bryce Hall tests if he really is the ‘TikTok version of Jake Paul’

Published: 16/Sep/2020 23:02

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star and Sway House member Bryce Hall is known for his wild, partying ways — so much so that people are comparing him to YouTuber Jake Paul, an accusation that he decided to put to the test in a recent vlog.

Bryce Hall has become the unintentional poster child for reckless behavior on social media, receiving ample backlash for throwing massive house parties despite the City of Los Angeles’ social distancing orders.

Hall was later charged with breaking these ordinances and had the electricity and water shut off at the Sway House over the ordeal, and could even face potential jail time.


However, Hall’s scenario echoes all too similar to that of fellow influencer Jake Paul, who has likewise thrown a few parties of his own despite the current health crisis — and an ongoing investigation from the FBI.

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Thus, it comes as little surprise that viewers are drawing an obvious parallel between the two stars, dubbing Bryce Hall the unofficial “Jake Paul of TikTok.”

Hall decided to test out these claims on his own and made the trek to Paul’s Team 10 mansion, where the two underwent a mock “test” to compare and contrast their various scandals.

The ensuing questions included such queries as, “Have more than five people told you to your face that you might be a sociopath?” “Have you been canceled for doing irresponsible actions more than five times?” and “Do either one of you have more than one criminal charge pending against you?”


The priceless questions ended in a not-so-surprising conclusion: That Bryce Hall is, in fact, the Jake Paul of TikTok, a result that he seemed to celebrate.

Dubbing himself “Bryce Paul” (we have to admit — it has a nice ring to it), it seems that he and Jake are now unofficially-officially “bros” — something that Jake’s brother Logan also jokingly brought up in a humorous segment during his feature on the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast in July.

Considering their shared penchant for parties, wild stunts and other various antics, Bryce is a welcome presence in the Paul brother’s content — even if he’s decided to temporarily suspend his party-hard lifestyle.