BruceDropEmOff under fire for allegedly dissing Kai Cenat & Lil Yachty in leaked DMs

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BruceDropEmOff on Twitch

Kick streamer BruceDropEmOff is coming under fire after allegedly dissing Twitch star Kai Cenat and rapper Lil Yachty in leaked DMs, on top of a slew of other figures.

BruceDropEmOff is a prominent figure in the online streaming space who notably signed an exclusive contract with Kick in May 2023 following multiple bans on Twitch.

Throughout his career, Bruce has gotten into beef with a few other creators — one of the most popular being Kai Cenat, a top Twitch broadcaster who famously signed a deal with Rumble alongside fellow streamer IShowSpeed in May.

Kai opened up about his relationship with Bruce in a tell-all livestream after his Rumble deal, saying that Bruce had claimed they were “never friends” and “the only time I called him up or ‘quote unquote’ used him was for content.”

BruceDropEmOff is a popular streamer who notably switched to Kick in summer 2023.

Bruce has no qualms about expressing his opinions about other creators either, saying that Twitch star Mizkif could die and “nobody would care” in an inflammatory Kick stream back in June.

BruceDropEmOff allegedly disses Kai Cenat in leaked messages

Now, Bruce has been seen making other comments about Kai Cenat and even Lil Yachty in a series of allegedly leaked DMs posted to Twitter/X by user SWB.

In the messages, it appears as though Bruce was supposedly discussing Kai Cenat’s short film, Global Pursuit, a Rush Hour style movie that saw Cenat play a leading role.

However, it doesn’t look like Bruce was a fan of the flick… nor did he even want to watch it, calling it “super cringe.” 

In the messages, Bruce says, “Now **** wanna go into acting like they ain’t been acting. …on GOD, I’m not watching that sh*t.”

Kai Cenat played a leading role in the short film ‘Global Pursuit.’

Rapper Lil Yachty also played a small cameo role in the movie — something Bruce also mentioned in his DMs with an insult toward the artist.

“Yachty a **** too,” he wrote.”He called me when they dropped it to ask me to be on it. Friday.”

In other leaked DMs, Bruce allegedly made homophobic comments about Kai Cenat’s organization, AMP, and even criticized fellow streamer YourRage.

For now, Bruce has not responded to the alleged leaks, but fans online are shocked.

“What happened to him, bro?” one user wrote.

“I miss the old Bruce, man,” another said.

“Bruce fell off since they split anyways,” yet another wrote.

This is just the latest news to come from Bruce following his supposed comments toward Kai over the summer.

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