xQc cheekily flexes luxury watch in response to BruceDropEmOff tirade

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star xQc didn’t have to say a word in his response to BruceDropEmOff, who slammed him for defending Kick as the platform faced allegations from a former employee.

Kick is currently facing criticism after a former employee resigned from the company and levied several accusations against it, claiming it has an “extremely hostile” work environment.

xQc — a broadcaster who famously received a $100 million, non-exclusive contract with Kick in 2023 — went on to defend the streaming site shortly afterward during a live stream.

BruceDropEmOff, another streamer who recently left Kick in favor of Twitch, popped off on xQc for defending the platform, calling him a “d*ck eater” and the “golden boy” of the streaming world.

In particular, Bruce made mention of xQc’s “$500K AP,” a six-figure Audemars Piguet luxury watch he showed off in a tweet almost exactly a year ago.

“F*ck you ****, and f*ck that watch!” Bruce shouted. “I don’t give a f*ck!”

xQc watched Bruce’s rant during a broadcast on June 20 — and in response, decided to blast some music while pointing at a different luxury watch that he was wearing on his wrist.

Keeping quiet, the streamer pointed at his headphones and then at his lips, as though saying he didn’t need to speak a word in response to Bruce’s heated tirade against him.

“Anything else, chat?” he asked, exiting out of the clip to see if there was any other content his viewers wanted him to react to.

It wasn’t long before Bruce shot back with a barb of his own, showing off a gold Patek Phillipe watch in a post on X while linking to his own Twitch channel.

He went on to slam xQc in his broadcast, calling the streamer a “f*cking loser.”

“You moved to Miami to make friends. You’re a f*cking loser. It hurts you deep in your heart. …go back to hanging around your OG friends, the friends you used to play Overwatch with, understood? Maybe they don’t f*ck with you, neither.”

“Adept took all your watches!” he taunted, referencing xQc’s ex-partner and the ongoing legal fallout between them. “That fat b*tch took all your watches.”

Bruce’s comments come after he called his move to Kick “the worst time” in his streaming career, saying it made his content “lazy.”

xQc hit back at this statement in a pointed tweet, accusing Bruce of “Never giving feedback or criticism, but bad mouth[ing] the product and experience after the fact.”

xQc’s defense of Kick has ruffled a few feathers in the streaming community, particularly due to claims that the site lowballed a streamer battling cancer because “she probably thinks she’s gonna die soon and she’ll want to leave more money for her family.”

Viewers instantly connected this claim to Kyedae, a prominent broadcaster who publicly battled Leukemia in 2023.

Although xQc argued that Kick had never sent an offer to her, Kyedae would confirm that they had reached out with a number — but she declined, saying the platform didn’t live up to her moral standards.