Kai Cenat hits back at fans for being “too invested” in BruceDropEmOff friendship

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Kai Cenat hit back at his viewers for being “too invested” in his friendship with fellow streamer BruceDropEmOff in a heated message.

The saga between Twitch streamers Kai Cenat and BruceDropEmOff is a long one riddled with conflict. The two broadcasters are no longer friends — but fans want the duo to make up.

Kai Cenat addressed fans’ concerns during a broadcast on June 5, where he called his viewers “too invested” in his personal relationships.

“I don’t talk about certain situations, because in my real life, I went through it, and I made the smart decision on making my circle the way it’s supposed to be. You guys are too invested, and it’s crazy,” the streamer said.

“It’s so bad. It’s actually bad, I’m not gonna lie, bro. We got to work this year, I’ve got so much that I’ve gotta do. Please, just stop. It’s so bad, bro. It’s actually forced. I haven’t spoken on the situation since I spoke on the situation. Let that sink in. It’s bad. I don’t force anything, bro.”

Kai’s reaction comes after Bruce offered an apology to his former friend amid his comeback to Twitch, where he also admitted that Kick had been the “worst time” in his streaming career.

“I kinda miss what we had,” Bruce said. “…As Black men, we’re supposed to be together. I’m fed up, chat. I’ll take that sh*t on the chin, any f*cking day.”

Kai Cenat and BruceDropEmOff first got into conflict in summer 2023 after Bruce left Twitch to sign with Kick. Kai notably called Kick “petty” and warned his friend that he had a “target on your back” after leaving Twitch.

Things would fall apart shortly after that. In a live stream in July, Kai claimed that Bruce made some comments about him that “broke his heart.”

“The root of the problem was, and it broke my heart bro. Bruce said that we were never friends and the only time I called him up or ‘quote unquote’ used him was for content,” Kai said.

(Topic starts at 52:59)

In October of that year, a series of DMs from Bruce leaked on social media, where he dissed the streamer and his short comedy film. “Now **** wanna go into acting like they ain’t been acting. …on GOD, I’m not watching that sh*t,” Bruce allegedly wrote.

After the message went viral, Kai urged his former friend to “go to therapy.” 

“I don’t want to do s*** with you no more, I don’t want to be associated with you no more, I don’t give a f*** what you got going on. Because it is too dangerous to have a n**** like that in my circle. One day smiling, next time you in your phone gossiping to your top mods.”

The two streamers later unfollowed each other on social media, and things have been icy between them ever since. Now, with Bruce back on Twitch, it seems like fans are curious to see if the two will make up — but Kai is adamant that his personal circle is his business, alone.

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