BruceDropEmOff says Mizkif could kill himself and “nobody would care”

Twitch: Brucedropemoff

BruceDropEmOff just went on an explosive rant during his debut Kick stream, saying Mizkif could kill himself and “nobody would care”, as he dissed his signing with Rumble calling it a “deadwebsite. 

Trigger warning: This article includes content that may be distressing to some readers.

Ever since the start of 2023, BruceDropEmOff seems to get embroiled in one controversy to another as the weeks go on, ever since his resignation from OTK. From public spats with Mizkif to getting banned from Twitch multiple times, it’s all led to the controversial streamer moving to Kick

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And in his debut stream on the platform, it seemed Bruce is looking to reignite his beef with OTK founder Mizkif, as the now full-time Kick streamer went on a scathing rant.

In his June 1 broadcast, he talked to his 70,,000+ viewers about Mizkif’s recent signing with Rumble, which led to a rant about how other streaming platforms, especially Twitch, are ‘dying’ in his eyes. 

As Bruce talked to his chat about his past with Mizkif and OTK, Bruce suddenly said: “Mizkif you could kill yourself, on god, nobody would literally f***ing care.” 

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Continuing to say of his signing onto Rumble, “You’re on Rumble, f*** Rumble, Rumble is literally a dead website.” 

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This led to an angry rant where he said, “Kick is the f***ing way but you n***** are just f***ing scared to admit it because you n***** are so f***ing scared of f***ing Twitch losing ya’ll 70/30 contracts that are going away in June anyway and that’s why you n***** are going to sign onto a different platform any f***ing way.” 

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Mizkif has said in the past that he “doesn’t want drama” with Bruce amid his public OTK falling out, but it seems Bruce is adamant on bringing it up again. 

However, Mizkif and OTK too are not free from controversy. As on March 16 OTK and several of his members including Miz are being sued by Adrianah Lee for defamation.

And Mizkif’s signing onto Rumble was anything but uncontroversial, as Rumble has a history of allowing controversial political content to be uploaded onto the site. 

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