BruceDropEmOff slams Lil Yachty after rapper disses him in deleted post

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff has gotten into a feud with American rapper Lil Yachty after the music artist dissed him in a now-deleted tweet.

BruceDropEmOff is turning heads after leaving Kick to return to Twitch, despite his misgivings about the purple streaming platform.

Amidst his comeback to Twitch, it seems the broadcaster has also gotten into a spat with rapper Lil Yachty, judging by a tweet the artist posted and deleted on June 4 hitting out at critics who accused him of copying the influencer’s style.

“Brother, I’ve never in my life copied a thing from Bruce,” Yachty wrote. “Ask Bruce who he got his grill made by, why he got that Chanel bag. Stop playin’ with me, bro.

“This **** was a child playin’ on the computer when I was getting fly. This *** not on no mood boards of mine. F*ck are you talking about?”

lil-yachty-deleted-tweet-brucedropemoff copy

Bruce shot back at the rapper in a series of firey replies on X via his alternate account, telling Yachty to “shut the f*ck up.”

That’s not all; he also lashed out at Yachty during a stream, where he called the situation “childish” and admitted that he doesn’t really care about the beef.

“The thing is though, I ain’t know I had this much real estate in that *** head,” he laughed. “On God. Chat, the thing is, though, if you ever get fat, don’t get Ozempic. That *** Ozempic twins with Drake, twin.

“That *** crazy bro. Watch out. I don’t want no problem with you, bro. I know what you doing, bro, I get it. But the thing is though, your whole label — I f*ck with your label, but sh*t. Nah for real bro, I don’t give a f*ck. …sh*t childish, bro.”

This isn’t the first time Bruce has called out Lil Yachty, either. In October 2023, the streamer came under fire for allegedly dissing the rapper in leaked DMs, alongside fellow streamer Kai Cenat.

This is just the latest feud Bruce has found himself in with a major personality after he butted heads with Kick streamer xQc, who defended the platform after Bruce claimed that broadcasting on the site made his content “lazy” and that he had the “worst time” streaming there.

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