Kai Cenat reveals what BruceDropEmOff said that ‘broke his heart’ after Rumble signing

Dylan Horetski

Kai Cenat revealed a comment that BruceDropEmOff purportedly made after he signed with Rumble that he claims ‘broke his heart.’

Back in May 2023, Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed signed a live-streaming deal with Rumble for their new series, The Kai ‘N Speed Show.

Adin Ross and BruceDropEmOff, who are friends of Kai and Speed, shared their thoughts about the signing on their social media platforms.

During a recent episode of the A Safe Place Podcast, the Twitch star revealed one comment from Bruce that really ‘broke his heart.’

Kai Cenat shares comment from Bruce that hurt him

Uploaded on July 12, 2023, the podcast episode features a variety of topics and comments from Kai, alongside podcast co-hosts Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad.

They brought up the topic of Kick’s “beef” with Twitch, which prompted Kai to share comments allegedly made by Adin Ross and BruceDropEmOff after he signed to Rumble. One of the supposed comments from Bruce hit him the hardest.

“The root of the problem was, and it broke my heart bro. Bruce said that we were never friends and the only time I called him up or ‘quote unquote’ used him was for content,” he said.

(Topic starts at 52:59)

Kai added: “I don’t even like to use [people], I just like to see people get uplifted.”

Kai and IShowSpeed have seen massive success on Rumble since they began their exclusive show on the platform. The series hasn’t exactly gone as planned so far, however, with Speed accidentally sharing the address of their set before the show’s latest episode.

Bruce has yet to publicly respond to Kai sharing his thoughts on the podcast, but we’ll be sure to update you if he does.

In the meantime, check out who else Rumble wants to bring over to their budding platform.

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