Body language analyst breaks down David Dobrik’s second apology: “Genuine for the wrong reasons”

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Popular YouTube Body Language Analyst, Logan Portenier, looked through David Dobrik’s second apology to break down the embattled Vlog Squad leader’s video – but the Observe channel’s host wasn’t impressed by what was presented.

Dobrik and his Vlog Squad YouTube collective are still reeling from sexual abuse allegations toward Dominykas Zeglaitis, better known as Durte Dom. After the initial waves of backlash, Dobrik, 24, released an apology video that many saw as insincere.

But for his follow-up attempt at addressing the allegations, he gave a much more pointed discussion about the things revolving around his YouTube empire.

While it looks and sounded sincere this time around, Portenier claimed Dobrik could be hitting all the right body language notes in his second apology “perhaps for the wrong reasons.”

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Throughout the video, Portenier spotted indications in Dobrik’s eyes, mouth, nose, and overall countenance that would suggest he was being honest about the tolls he’s endured from the allegations.

“We’re seeing actual emotion leaking out,” Portenier explained. “David isn’t usually able to force emotions like this… The emotion that’s leaking out here is genuine.”

There were more sections in the video that the body language analyst highlighted that he believed were from a real point of regret, pain, disgust, etc. However, that only works against Dobrik at this point, according to the expert.

“The incident itself evoked a half-ass, lame apology several years later,” he said, explaining how the pain and fear Dobrik expressed in his second video is marred by how ineffective the YouTuber’s first attempt was.

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“If he had come out and immediately apologized and immediately went to the people then that would at least show that he [was aware] to apologize and to own up to his own idiocy.”

Dobrik has been losing followers, his reputation is tanking, sponsors are reportedly pulling out, and he’s just losing money over this ordeal, something Portenier believes could be contributing to the YouTuber’s genuine remorse in his second video.

“That’s my analysis of David Dobrik’s apology: genuine, perhaps for the wrong reasons,” he said.