David Dobrik loses tons of subs and Instagram followers over Vlog Squad controversy

David Dobrik apologyYouTube: David Dobrik

YouTuber and content creator David Dobrik has seen his social media following take a hit, as allegations of misconduct and toxicity continue to swirl around the American-Slovakian and his ‘Vlog Squad’. 

Much has been said about David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad in recent weeks. The American YouTuber has seen former collaborators accuse him of creating an atmosphere of toxicity, leaving them feeling “worthless” and “traumatized.”

Dobrik finally responded to the allegations in a March 16 YouTube video, saying: “I’ve grown as a person and I don’t agree with some of the videos I’ve posted”.

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The situation has worsened since Dobrik’s apology video, with Vlog Squad member Durte Dom facing more allegations of sexual misconduct.

David Dobrik has been an immensely popular YouTuber for year,s but now faces a host of allegations.

The backlash has seen Dobrik lose sponsorships with Electronic Arts, HBO and more. There have been efforts to ‘review bomb’ his Dispo app as well, but it now appears that he is losing followers in massive numbers.

Social media tracking site SocialBlade states that, since March 17 (the day after his apology video was published), he has lost over 200,000 YouTube subscribers, dropping from 18.9m to 18.7m.

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There’s also a whopping reduction in the number of views his channel has, with a drop of 66 million apparent on March 19. Usually, such a significant and sudden drop in views means a creator has deleted videos from their channel.

David Dobrik Social BladeSocialBlade
Dobrik’s subscribers and views have plummeted in the last few days.

Similar changes are also evident in his Instagram following, with SocialBlade suggesting he has lost over 78,000 followers in the last 30 days. The allegations against Dobrik began to surface in February.

The numbers may only be dents in his monumental following, but it stands to show how many people have chosen to move away from the creator off the back of the allegations. This drop in subscribers and followers is expected to continue for the time being, too.

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