Aydan calls for stacked Warzone boxing card with game’s biggest streamers

Theo Salaun
aydan warzone boxing card gulagTwitter, @aydan / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s best players are used to fighting in-game, but Aydan wants them to take it to the ring. The Twitch star has come up with a “Warzone boxing card” featuring streamers like Swagg, Symfuhny, and TeeP.

Gamers are obviously better known for virtual strength than real-world physical prowess. And the stereotypes suggest streamers would rather feast on Doritos than knuckle sandwiches. But it’s 2021, times are changing, and Warzone’s best seem ready to settle things outside of Verdansk.

Inspired by the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, Warzone’s highest earner — Aydan — has suggested that he and fellow competitors try their hand at throwing hands. 

With an initial seven-fight boxing card idea, Aydan got the blood flowing and egged his fellow streamers on. Some have responded, some have ignored, and all seem to agree on two rules: 1) Tommey has to ref and 2) NICKMERCS vs HusKerrs can’t happen.

As you can see from Aydan’s proposed card, there are some interesting matchups at play. The obvious heavyweight bout is clear, too, as Swagg and TeeP both have athletic backgrounds and are rumored to be over 6’0” tall.

Based on responses, some tweaks to the card have already been made. For one, Booya insists that no helicopters be allowed — a remnant of in-game tournament pain. For another, many have insisted that Tommey, known for investigating hackers, be given the referee role.

But if Tommey’s not fighting and NICKMERCS and HusKerrs can’t fight, then what spicy matchup can fans look forward to? Based on Aydan’s recent trash talk, it just might have to be him versus Newbz.

While some might still hold out hope that Jake Paul is going to fight a Twitch streamer, it seems that streamers would rather fight among themselves.

It’s doubtful that any of these bouts will actually happen, at least any time soon, but you can’t grow a tree without first producing a sapling. Aydan has planted the seed of a Warzone boxing card and now it’s up to fans to drum up hype and see if the roots keep growing.

Just imagine how entertaining Dr Disrespect’s walkout music could be…