Internet reacts to Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match

Michael Gwilliam
Mayweather and Logan Paul go to courtAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME

The internet was left stunned when YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul went the distance against one of the greatest fighters of all time, Floyd Mayweather, in their June 7 exhibition bout.

Despite the match having strange rules, such as not having a winner announced, many expected or in some cases wanted to see Logan Paul get knocked out. However, the influencer managed to defy the odds and emerge not only in one piece, but a few million dollars richer.

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The draw result has even lead to some crazy new theories from people who can’t believe Logan survived. The latest of which is that Floyd actually held Logan up after knocking him out in order to make sure the fight went the distance.

While this conspiracy itself is quite wild, others had far more tame verdicts on the outcome.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy took to Twitter to claim that calling the bout “legalized burglary was probably right” seeing as how much money both fighters made.

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As Dexerto previously reported, Mayweather alone teased that he was looking at $80M for the fight, not counting any PPV payouts or sponsor fees.

Streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop seemed to echo Portnoy’s take, claiming that both Floyd and Logan Paul won. “They just made so much money,” he wrote.

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Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier was impressed with Logan lasting the whole eight rounds, but wasn’t pleased with Mayweather.

“Hats off to Logan Paul. He went 8 rounds with [the] greatest boxer ever. Not a good look for Floyd,” he wrote, which even earned a “thanks DC” from one half of the Paul brother duo.

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Speaking of his brother, Jake Paul seemed convinced that Logan actually won the fight, making several tweets celebrating his elder sibling’s “victory.”

“50-1” he exclaimed, believing that Mayweather actually suffered the first loss of his career. “Holy f**k. My brother just beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Considering the fact Mayweather’s own promoter believes he didn’t take the fight seriously, it would have been interesting to see how the bout would have played out had he done a full training camp.

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Certainly, the internet would have been more impressed with the matchup itself.

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