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CoD leakers fully reveal unreleased Warzone Ural Mountains map

Published: 7/Jun/2021 14:56

by Connor Bennett


A group of Call of Duty leakers have managed to reveal gameplay footage of the unreleased Ural Mountains map that was rumored to be for either Warzone or Blackout 2.0.

In early 2021, rumors started to swirl that Raven Software would be moving on from the Verdansk map in Warzone and replacing it with something entirely different.

As a result, the Ural Mountains locations became a hot topic as leakers from all over started to piece together information about what Raven had up their sleeve.

The map has, to this point, never been released, and was actually speculated to be a part of Blackout 2.0 – which was apparently scrapped following the success of Warzone. A few images have surfaced before, but now actual gameplay has leaked out.


new verdansk
Warzone eventually moved to the Verdansk 1984 map.

An 8-minute long video from the Cheezburgerboyz – a group of CoD leakers – was posted late in the day on June 6, giving us a look at the supposed Ural Mountains map.

In the video, a player runs through the map, picking up loot just like you would in the normal battle royale mode. The previously leaked HUD, which made some players believe that it wasn’t a part of the current Warzone engine, is also present.

So are the different leaked locations such as Zoo, Ruka, Mines, and Sanatorium. Just as the rumors suggested, it is a vast map, and may have allowed the developers to lift the player cap towards 250.


The video does also play into the rumor that it was a part of Blackout 2.0, rather than Warzone. The player picks up perks and equipment in a similar fashion to how Blackout worked.

There’s no telling if this map will never see the light of day or be released later down the line, but the video is an interesting look at what could have been.