Tommey catches Warzone player cheating on stream after they deny it

nikto operator and call of duty pro tommeyInfinity Ward / Fnatic

Call of Duty pro and streamer Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewen has exposed a Warzone player for cheating live on his Twitch stream, after facing off against them in a 2v2 tournament.

While it was recently revealed that Activision has now started targeting websites that sell Call of Duty cheats, some players are still managing to slip through the cracks with in-game hacks.

One Warzone player, in particular, had even been streaming regularly and competing in online tournaments before he was challenged by European Call of Duty pro, Tommey in one of his recent broadcasts.

two warzone characters aiming their weaponsInfinity Ward / Activision
Activision is starting to crack down on players cheating in Warzone.

During a 2v2 Warzone CMG tournament hosted by KaleiRenay, on September 5, Tommey and his teammate Almxnd came up against a player in the quarter-finals who viewers suspected of cheating.

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While waiting for the quarter-final matchup, they had also become suspicious of the player called “Mingostyle”, who boasted a 5.2 k/d in-game. After watching his gameplay, Tommey called for him to show his screen during their games.

Update, September 8: Mingostyle’s Twitch channel is no longer available on the platform, presumably banned for his use of cheats. Twitch’s policy does not permit use of hacks or cheats to be used in games being played on stream.

Mingostyle did as requested, using his webcam to capture what could be hidden on stream, however, shortly before the match started, a gray tab with the same layout as a popular cheat menu appeared on the screen.

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Tommey’s viewers quickly made the pro aware of the incident, causing him to back out and confront the player about his cheats on stream.

Mingostyle denied that it was a cheat menu, claiming that he purposefully put up a picture of cheats to trick the viewers, “I’m messing around, get a grip. I literally just got a picture.”

Tommey later reviewed the clip on his stream, pointing out flaws with the player’s argument and claiming that the supposed picture didn’t match up with the menu that appeared ahead of their match.

“He’s not the smartest bloke, I told you cheaters are stupid as s***,” Tommey explained, “he said that image is that, he hasn’t even got the same dimensions, he’s panicked and gone quick.”

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Despite Mingostyle’s claims that he was innocent, the tournament organizer CMG handed the player a permanent suspension from their website, moving their last opponents into the quarter-finals in their place.  He’s also been banned from Twitch, and will presumably also face an in-game ban, once the developers are notified.

Tommey did not seem to let the cheating incident affect him too much, as he and Almxnd later went on an impressive run to win the entire Warzone 2v2 tournament.