Jake Paul says he is down to “knock out” Twitch streamers if paid enough

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During his pre-fight press conference with Ben Askren, Jake Paul revealed that he has plans to take on another influencer – and is happy to “knock out” Twitch streamers, if the price is right.

Jake Paul, YouTube and social media superstar, is fighting decorated mixed martial artist Ben Askren on April 17 in a highly anticipated Triller Fight Club event. Having already beaten YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson, this is Paul’s third fight and first against a professional from the combat sports world.

But we had to check if Jake was done fighting other big-name influencers and, as it turns out, he most certainly is not. When asked about fighting Twitch streamers or content creators from other platforms, including his own brother, Logan Paul, Jake assured us that all options are still on the table.

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Jake Paul will “gladly” beat up Twitch streamers (and other influencers)

Jake Paul Boxing DocumentaryInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul has his eyes set on any opponent, if the money is right.

While Paul is focused on his fight against Askren, he’s still very interested in fighting content creators if the pay is worthwhile. In fact, he already has a deal coming together.

The idea of fighting a Twitch streamer is an especially interesting one, now that guys like Tyler1 and Tfue have been working out so much. When asked if he had any plans to fight Twitch streamers, or even TikTok and YouTube creators, Paul responded in the affirmative: “There’s a company right now that wants to pay me an absurdly large amount of money to fight an influencer. So I’ll gladly go knock out these guys for money.”

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Jake elaborated, noting that his new talent and established namesake are readily available for the right sum: “I’ve developed a skill now, right? And that skill is fighting. And if someone wants to pay to see my skill and use my name, which is one of the biggest names in combat sports right now, then I’ll gladly pick up the bag.”

Will Jake Paul ever fight Logan Paul?

Logan Paul Jake Paul Calls Out HatersInstagram: Logan Paul
Many have wondered how Jake would fare against Logan in a fight.

As for a potential fight against his brother, Jake essentially downplayed earlier hype. “Sometimes we’re mad at each other and want to punch each other and other times, like right now, we’re perfectly getting along and supporting each other and everything.”

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“I think we’re yin and yang … it’s the rise of the Pauls 2.0.” With Jake affirming how much him and his brother are supporting each other, it seems unlikely that a fight is coming anytime soon. 

He also elaborated that while fans are calling for it, his family and, now, he is leaning against the idea: “A lot of people want to see that and I think it would be massive, but at the end of the day our parents don’t want us to do it, and I don’t even know if I would even want to do it.”

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Of course, ever the business man, Jake clarified that it’s still a possibility, just an unlikely one: “The world may never see Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul, but hey, you never know.”

The one influencer Jake Paul won’t talk about: KSI

KSI Ben Askren Jake PaulYouTube: KSI
KSI has been a vocal supporter of Askren against Jake.

And, finally, it wouldn’t be right to talk about Jake and fighting influencers without mention of KSI. Having formerly criticized KSI for avoiding a boxing match and, with KSI already publicly calling for Askren to knock Jake out, the question had to be asked.

But it seems that Jake is completely over any KSI discussions and wants to focus elsewhere: “I don’t really want to talk about him anymore.”

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