Austin McBroom addresses Jake Paul confrontation & denies cheating allegations

Austin McBroom and Jake Paul confrontationInstagram: Austin McBroom/Jake Paul

The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom has addressed his situation with Jake Paul after the pair got into a heated confrontation online that became particularly personal. 

It all started when Austin McBroom posted a video of him walking alongside Jake’s upcoming opponent, former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley, saying, “Jakey, you’re in trouble, my man!”

Jake then savagely hit back in a response video on TikTok which he later deleted, calling out Austin for purportedly cheating on wife Catherine “every weekend.”

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“Oh, Austin!” Jake laughed in his response video. “He switched up on me. He’s with my opponent! I’m in trouble, Austin? Does your wife know that you cheat on her every weekend? Does she know that you message every single girl on Instagram trying to get in their pants?”

jake paul youtube boxing(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing
Jake Paul isn’t afraid to start beef if it gets him another boxing opponent

The beef then manifested in real life when both influencers had been visiting the BFFs podcast studio to record an episode. They got caught up in a heated confrontation, meeting “jaw to jaw,” while onlookers were unsure if it was a genuine confrontation or just for the cameras.

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According to Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy, Austin then told them that Jake Paul had “slashed his tires,” –  Richards says it was two tires on two separate vehicles, making four slashed tires in total.

Austin has now publicly addressed the controversy on his social media, saying he refuses to rise to verbal attacks from others because “there will always be people trying to bring me down especially because of the position that I am in. But when it comes to my family being mentioned It’s always different.”

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Austin McBroom addresses Jake Paul confrontationSnapchat: Austin McBroom
Austin said he would be dealing with Jake offline

He then vehemently denied the claims made by Jake before asking his fans to reconsider how they view drama online: “First off, the statement he made is not true at all. That’s why it was deleted so quickly.

“This boxing sh*t has caused a lot of drama due to trying to hype up the fight. Stop believing everything you hear and see especially during a hot moment. Jake and I are handling our issues off-camera right now. And that’s that!”

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While McBroom called out Paul for a potential boxing match, in November 2020, claiming that the Team 10 founder had been “running from me for years,” any fight between them may be on hold for a little while longer.