Asmongold explains why Kick streamer Johnny Somali should be spared jail time

Michael Gwilliam
asmongold on johnny somali kick jail timeKick/Twitch/Asmongold

Controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali is facing criminal charges after being arrested in Japan, but Twitch star Asmongold doesn’t think the troublemaker should be getting any jail time.

Johnny Somali became one of Kick’s biggest menaces during his trip to Japan after multiple instances where he upset locals, angered other streamers and instigated fights live on stream.

After finally getting arrested for trespassing into a construction site in September and followed that up by another arrest for causing a disturbance in a beef bowl restaurant, Somali was officially charged.

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As the news that Somali could be facing jail time spread, Asmongold chimed in on the situation, explaining that it would make more sense to just deport him to save Japanese taxpayers money.

Asmongold says Japan should just deport Johnny Somali

During a recent Twitch stream, Asmongold was reading a Twitter/X thread about the situation and Johnny Somali potentially being banned from being able to reenter Japan – something he felt was the right decision.

“I think [deportation] is what they should do,” the award-winning MMORPG streamer said. “As much as I would like to see him sit in jail, I would wanna see that from like a punishment perspective, because I think it would be funny. But this is wasting the Japanese people’s money.”

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“Just get him the f**k out of the country and have him never come back,” he exclaimed. “Just get out, you’re done.”

However, Asmongold reiterated that he wouldn’t mind seeing Somali behind bars still, because his actions were “willfully malicious.”

“He went there to start trouble. He was trying to be obnoxious. He was trying to be a piece of sh*t and that’s bad.”

So far, Somali is still being held in Japan and the outcome of the charges won’t be known until he either stands trial or pleads guilty. Until then, be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest in streaming and entertainment news.

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