Dr K praises Asmongold’s “authentic” no-show for best MMO streamer award

Michael Gwilliam
Dr K praises asmongold at the streamer awards

Psychiatrist and Twitch streamer Dr. Alok Kanojia, otherwise known as his handle ‘Dr K’, spoke in support of The Streamer Awards and praised Asmongold’s speech for being totally “epic.”

The Streamer Awards, organized by Twitch star QTCinderella, brought many of the biggest names on the platform together for a fun night to celebrate success in their industry.

The event was a massive hit on the site and has since begun trending on YouTube following the spectacle’s upload.

Now, Dr K has chimed in on the event and paid special attention to how “authentic” Asmongold winning best MMO streamer was.

Dr K amazed by Asmongold’s Streamer Awards speech

On March 14, Dr K was asked for his thoughts on the event and took it upon himself to offer some major praise to everyone who attended.

“It had a very high production value and yet stayed incredibly authentic,” he explained. “Speeches felt so in-line with who the people were. I thought it was epic that [Asmongold] didn’t show up.”

According to Dr K, he felt it was awesome that Asmongold didn’t have to physically be there, joking that it made sense given he won best MMO streamer.

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“That’s so authentic to who we are,” he beamed.

For his part, Asmongold’s speech really played into the fact he was an MMO player, appearing from his home with fast food beverages littered across his desk. He also joked that he deserved the award because he refused to accept it in person as it would require him to leave his house.

Given the overwhelming success of its first iteration, we can’t wait to see what QTCinderella has in store for the event in 2023 and beyond.

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