Is Japan deporting Johnny Somali? Controversial Kick streamer’s punishment explained

Virginia Glaze

Controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali got into trouble with the law due to his antics in Japan. Here’s a breakdown of his punishment and why he may be facing deportation.

Johnny Somali, real name Ramsey Khalid Ismael, is a streamer on Kick who has garnered quite a reputation for himself due to his divisive behavior while broadcasting in Japan.

In 2023, Somali came under scrutiny for shouting offensive remarks to passersby during his streams, yelling things like “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki” to Japanese locals and even claiming the US would “destroy, because you don’t know how to behave.”

Although he was confronted multiple times over his antics — and was even assaulted by strangers on several occasions — he didn’t promise to stop his offensive behavior until he faced legal consequences.


In September, Somali was arrested for trespassing in a construction site, and once again for “forcible obstruction of business” of a restaurant in Osaka’s Chuo Ward in October after streaming in the eatery and playing loud music.

In December, the streamer vowed to stop broadcasting in Japan after appearing in court, with prosecutors seeking a 200K Yen fine — or $1,400 USD.

In January, he was officially fined for that amount, but the trespassing charges against him were dropped. 

Is Johnny Somali getting deported from Japan?

This sentencing has sparked quite a bit of speculation online as to whether or not Somali will face deportation from Japan. However, no official reports about the situation from Japanese news outlets have stated that he is facing deportation from the country, despite claims being made online.

For now, viewers will have to wait for more information about the situation to determine if Somali will be able to stay in Japan. At the time of writing, he has yet to post on any of his social media accounts, leaving netizens in the dark.

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