Kick streamer who harassed Japanese locals confronted by American: “I got a problem with you”

Virginia Glaze

Controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali, known for harassing locals in Japan, got confronted by an American who was fed up with his behavior.

Johnny Somali is a divisive streamer on Kick who has sparked a storm of outrage online due to his inflammatory behavior toward locals in Japan, where he’s currently staying.

Somali’s actions made their way into the spotlight earlier this year after viewers witnessed him making racist remarks toward passengers on a train — specifically, making mention of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Somali has continued this behavior well into the summer, but his comments haven’t gone unchecked. The streamer has been confronted numerous times by outraged locals, a few of whom have gotten physical with the broadcaster during his IRL streams.

Kick streamer Johnny Somali confronted by American after harassing Japanese locals

Now, another person has confronted Johnny Somali — and he made it clear that he wasn’t pleased with the streamer’s actions in a clip that’s going viral online.

In the clip, a foreigner — presumably American — walked up to Johnny Somali, holding up a smartphone showing a photo of the streamer. “Is this you?” he asked.

After Somali confirmed that it was him, the American said: “I gotta problem with you, bro.”

“I’m a troll!” Somali explained.

“My wife is Japanese,” the American continued. “You go there and insult people like that. Do you know how many people died from Hiroshima, and you’re joking about that sh*t?”

Johnny Somali is a controversial Kick streamer who is known for making offensive remarks toward locals in Japan.

Somali went on to claim that he was drunk while making those remarks and said that he’d apologized — but the American wasn’t having any of it.

“All these families suffered, people suffered because of that. You’re on the train harassing people like that… don’t do it again, bro. I’ve seen how people in Tokyo whoop your a**. You’re lucky I don’t do the same.”

“Is that a threat?” Somali asked.

“It is, yes,” the man replied. “Because you go around harassing people like that — innocent people who didn’t do anything, Japanese people… and you’re out here f*cking with them like that. For what, bro? For a little bit of clout? It’s pathetic.”

Somali then asked what he was “supposed to do about it now,” to which the American responded, “don’t do it again.”

The confrontation ended shortly thereafter, with the two men exchanging a handshake. Netizens have praised the American for confronting Johnny Somali, with many commenters hopeful that this will spark a change in the streamer’s behavior.

On the other side of this issue, several IRL streamers have been victims of racist attacks themselves, with the most recent instance of this behavior taking place when Thai steamer ‘ppim’ was subjected to racist remarks while traveling in Brussels.

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