Kick streamer Johnny Somali officially faces criminal charges in Japan after arrest

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American Kick streamer Johnny Somali has officially been charged after getting arrested for blasting loud music and causing a disturbance in a restaurant last month.

Johnny Somali is a controversial streamer on Kick, where he broadcasts his daily excursions in Japan.

The American broadcaster has come under fire multiple times for loudly making offensive remarks during his streams — most notably shouting “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki” in public places like a crowded train.

Due to his antics, Somali has been confronted by locals and even other foreigners multiple times, even getting decked over his behavior on a few occasions.

In September, Somali was notably arrested for trespassing into a construction site. However, nothing came of this incident — but Japan’s Cabinet Secretary Matsuno notably addressed streamers like Somali in wake of the ordeal, saying they were “invading privacy and causing a nuisance.”

In October, Somali was arrested once again for causing a disturbance in a beef bowl restaurant in Osaka’s Chuo Ward during a live stream.

Now, nearly three weeks later, Somali has been officially charged. Here’s everything we know so far.

Johnny Somali charged with “forceful obstruction of business”

As reported by local news outlets and the Sankei Shimbun, Somali has officially been charged with “forceful obstruction of business” in relation to the incident regarding the restaurant.

Sources report that Somali was being held by police for questioning leading up to the charges being pressed against him.

Johnny Somali is a controversial Kick streamer who is known for making offensive remarks toward locals in Japan.

According to additional reports from Kansai TV, another man was also arrested alongside Somali in relation to the restaurant incident, but he has not been charged as “the charges were insufficient.”

Thus far, Somali has not faced charges relating to his arrest for trespassing, with Kansei TV saying both were “not indicted in this case.”

Thus far, the outcome of these charges will be unknown until the streamer faces a trial.

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