Meowko demands ban for Kick streamer Johnny Somali for harassing her in Japan

kick streamer johnny somali and meowkoKick/johnnysomali/Twitch/meowko

Twitch star Meowko was left wanting controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali banned after he started harassing her during a live broadcast.

Johnny Somali has become one of the most infamous IRL content creators on the internet, frequently harassing locals in Japan and getting attacked by them for his actions.

Somali even ended up being hit with a 72-hour ban on Kick following several instances of racist behavior in Tokyo, but it doesn’t seem like the streamer has learned his lesson.

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In early September, Meowko was streaming on Twitch when she ran into Johnny Somali and the situation became quite uncomfortable very quickly.

Meowko breaks down after Twitch harassment by Johnny Somali

During a broadcast, Somali, who is permanently banned on Twitch, kept going on about how he’s the “most famous” in Japan, much to the shock of Meowko.

“I’m on Kick. We don’t like Twitch streamers,” he said, causing her to walk off. “Bye-bye. Get banned b*tch. Get banned! You better not show me on your stream, you’ll get banned.”

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A few moments later, Meowko was in tears following the incident after getting dropped off by a kind taxi driver.

Twitch’s rules prohibit streamers from having banned creators on their broadcasts, something that Meowko knew well and she definitely didn’t want to be banned again as she explained the situation on X/Twitter.

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“I was able to avoid the ban because I responded quickly with the Twitch staff,” she said, suggesting she had been in contact with the site about the incident.

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“I cried because the taxi driver on the way home was such a nice guy. I hope this person leaves Japan soon. I felt helpless because I couldn’t do anything even though I was right in front of my eyes.”

Meowko further added that she’s not sure why Johnny Somali isn’t banned from more websites given the constant controversy he causes.

“Seriously tho I have no idea how those kind of creator is still having place to say something on internet like this,” she added.

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Shortly after the incident, Somali got his comeuppance yet again after harassing even more people on the street, leading to a man finally having enough and punching him in the face.

Only time will tell if Kick decides to ban the streamer yet again as more and more people get increasingly annoyed with his antics.

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