Kick streamer Johnny Somali says he’ll “slap” a BTS member on South Korea trip

Michael Gwilliam

Kick streamer Johnny Somali has revealed he’s coming to South Korea following his arrest in Japan and even plans to “slap” a BTS member when he gets there.

There may not be a more universally despised streamer than Johnny Somali. The controversial Kick and YouTube star took over Japan with his controversial IRL broadcasts.

During his months in Japan, Somali terrorized the country by getting into fights with locals, trespassing on construction sites, and was criminally charged after playing loud music in a restaurant.

Despite getting off with a fine and admitting he lied to the judge in court, Somali has revealed his next destination will be South Korea – and he’s already putting the country on notice by making threats against K-Pop group BTS.

Johnny Somali terrorized Japan with his controversial Kick streams.

Johnny Somali wants to “slap” BTS when he gets to South Korea

In a post on X on March 10, Somali explained that he will be returning to Asia after his streams were “enjoyed by millions” across the continent.

“I’m happy to announce that I am returning to the continent! I will be arriving in Seoul, South Korea this week! Get ready for the journey!” he announced.

He further added that he will be looking to show the Japanese government that he is “reformed,” but it seems like that new persona didn’t last for very long.

Three days later on March 13, the Kick streamer responded to an account complaining that he would be coming to Seoul by issuing a warning to the beloved Korean group BTS.

“Imma slap the sh*t out of a BTS member for no reason,” he said.

Fortunately, BTS is currently on hiatus until 2025 as its members enter military service.

It’s not clear if Somali was simply joking or if his threat was legitimate. We’ll have to see if he’s even allowed in South Korea following all the drama in Japan.