Kick bans Johnny Somali for “promoting violent behavior”

Michael Gwilliam
johnny somali in israel

Kick has banned Johnny Somali from the platform after “promoting violent behavior” during an IRL stream in Israel.

Months after Johnny Somali was arrested twice on his trip to Japan, Kick has taken action and banned the streamer just days into his latest IRL adventure. On March 20, Somali, real name Ismael Ramsey Khalid, was banned on Kick, and he is not happy about it.

Screenshots shared by Somali reveal that Kick decided to ban him for “promoting violent behavior,” but the suspension will expire on March 27, meaning it will only last a single week.

On Discord, the streamer said that his ban was due to being in Israel and ordered his community to “crash out.”

Accounts documenting Somali’s on-stream antics claim that it’s believed Somali made death threats on stream, though these accusations have not been proven.

Somali, meanwhile, alleges that he was banned because he said he would defend himself against a stream sniper and the ban was “unfair.”

The ban comes days after the controversial Kick streamer said he would be visiting South Korea and even warned that he would slap a BTS member at some point on the trip.

Prior to his Israel trip, Somali caused disturbances in Japan by starting fights with locals, trespassing on construction sites, and making racist remarks towards train passengers, including threatening to repeat Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He was fined ¥200,000 by a Japanese court after he was arrested for obstructing the business of a restaurant in Osaka by playing loud music.

While back in the United States, the streamer laughed about how he had lied to the judge and lead detective on the case.

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