Kick Streamer Johnny Somali fined by Japanese court for restaurant livestream

Eliana Bollati

Kick Streamer Johnny Somali is potentially being booted from Japan and will have to pay a ¥200,000 fine for nuisance after live streaming in a restaurant in Dotonbori, Osaka. However, trespassing and intrusion charges were dismissed.

Johnny Somali made international headlines last year after his IRL stream antics in Japan led to his arrest.

The streamer first came under fire for racist remarks after a video of passengers confronting him about an allegedly drunken rant on a train went viral.

Since then, the streamer has only landed in more hot water for his videos, eventually culminating in his arrest by Japanese authorities on charges of trespassing and a formal indictment for obstructing the business of a restaurant in Osaka’s Dotonburi district.

Today he was officially sentenced with a ¥200,000 fine for nuisance for his broadcast at the restaurant. Moreover, in light of this felony offense, he will possibly be kicked out of Japan as well. However, charges of trespassing and intrusion against the streamer were dropped.

Johnny Somali will now have to pay ¥200,000 fine for nuisance.

The streamer expressed “remorse” for his actions and pledged “not to shoot or distribute any kind of video in the future.”

However, Somali continued to maintain he did not intentionally play audio and the broadcast’s volume was due to viewer interaction and beyond his control.

The ruling from the Osaka District Court echoed the prosecution’s sentiments that an “appropriate punishment” was “essential” as a “general deterrence.”

“The defendant said that the sound was played automatically,” the Judge noted, “but the volume could have been lowered immediately, and criminal liability cannot be taken lightly.”

johnny somali arrested in japan
Charges of trespassing and intrusion against the streamer were dismissed.

Japan’s legal system is certainly no stranger to dealing with streamers.

Last year a 52-year-old streamer was arrested for streaming a Steins Gate visual novel on YouTube.

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