Addison Rae shades Bryce Hall’s boxing loss to Austin McBroom in lie detector test

YouTube: Vanity Fair, Bryce Hall

TikTok star Addison Rae notably broke up with Bryce Hall a few months ago — but it looks like there’s still plenty of shade to go around if her latest lie detector test with Vanity Fair is anything to go by.

It’s safe to say that Addison Rae is becoming one of the biggest social media celebrities of the modern age. Breaking into TikTok stardom in 2019, Rae has gone on to accrue over 80 million followers on the app — and has even scored a starring role in an upcoming Netflix film.

That being said, her love life has also become the center of attention… which is why, when she and on-again, off-again boyfriend Bryce Hall finally made it official in late 2020, ‘Braddison’ fans were losing their minds.

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However, the two broke it off only a few months later, with accusations of infidelity being thrown at both parties. While nothing has been outright confirmed, it seems that there’s no love lost between these two… at least, on Addison’s side.

Addison Rae Bryce Hall reveal relationship statusYouTube: Addison Rae
“Braddison” was one of the most popular pairings across TikTok for some time until the couple made it official in late 2020, only to break things off a few months later.

During a lie detector test with Vanity Fair on August 9, Rae was asked one damning question: “Hypothetically speaking, would you consider someone getting knocked out in a pay-per-view boxing match, karma?”

An obviously flustered Rae struggled to answer the question before blurting out, “No.”

Unfortunately, the test proctor was “not sure” about the truth of Rae’s answer, leading many fans to speculate that she was both lying and shading Bryce Hall.

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(Topic begins at 6:04)

Hall notably lost his boxing match against rival YouTuber Austin McBroom in June after months of trash talk toward his “30-year-old man” of an opponent.

This interview did not go unnoticed by Hall, who appeared to hit back at Rae’s answer in a pointed tweet.

“It sucks when you speak nothing but good things about someone and they just s**t on you, lol,” he wrote.

While it’s all speculative whether or not Rae was actually lying — and whether or not she was, indeed, throwing shade toward her ex-boyfriend — the internet certainly seems to think so, making for yet another intriguing chapter in the ongoing saga between these two TikTok-famous ex-lovebirds.

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