Bungie reveals Destiny 2 Season 19 dungeon date and ability reworks

Philip Trahan
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Bungie made a Destiny 2 developer blog post that detailed upcoming changes to guardian abilities as well as the Season 19 dungeon release date.

Season 19 of Destiny 2 content is almost here and it seems Bungie is looking to shake things up once again.

Fans already know that the development team is making changes to the game’s economy, but now even more changes have been teased.

A recent blog post confirmed the release date for Season 19’s upcoming dungeon, as well as some substantial changes to class abilities.

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Bungie reveals more Season 19 changes

First things first, Bungie revealed that the new dungeon coming in Season 19 will release on December 9, 2022, at 9 AM PDT. Unfortunately, that’s all the team was willing to share surrounding the new dungeon.

Considering Season 19 is set to drop on December 6, this new dungeon will be available for players just three days later which should give them a bit of time to get acclimated to the new seasonal changes.

Next, the Sandbox Team detailed changes coming to various class abilities. The blog post said the goal of Season 19 changes is to “more closely normalize the power of our existing subclasses, giving us a more standard baseline that we can use for future tuning.”

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First, Bungie went over the changes made to Solar abilities. In particular, Restoration’s x1 base healing rate reduced from 25 to 20 health per second, Restoration’s x2 base healing rate reduced from 40 to 32.5 health per second, and will No longer stack with Healing Rift’s healing.

Next, Bungie detailed changes coming to the Void. Notably, the team will be fixing a Void Overshield bug that will boost damage resistance to 50% instead of 25.

Additionally, the team is buffing the Nova Bomb Super by increasing the initial projectile speed by 21%, increasing the radius of the inward pull on impact by 17%, and increasing the strength of the inward pull on impact by 20%.

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Finally, Arc and Stasis are also getting meaningful changes. The changes made to Arc are meant to “lean hard into Striker as the Titan’s grenade-centric class…and for the Storm Grenade to be used to force bunkered players to move when a Storm Grenade was approaching.”

As for Stasis, it seems the elemental Aspect isn’t quite where Bungie wants it in terms of power and will receive a handful of buffs and nerfs to compensate for that. Destiny 2 fans looking to read the full adjustments can do so here, as there are a lot of detailed changes to go over.

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