Destiny 2: How to fix error code CAT

Andrew Highton
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Error code: CAT is a universal problem that can crop up on any platform. Destiny 2 users understandably want an answer to this irritating inconvenience, and we’ve got some solutions to assist you.

Destiny 2’s nature as a live-service game means there are plenty of moving parts. Unfortunately, this can cause problems, with error codes cropping up from time to time. One of the more common ones is error code CAT.

If you’ve bumped into this irritating message during Season of the Haunted, here’s how to fix error code CAT in Destiny 2.



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How are you supposed to earn Trials of Osiris rewards when the Destiny cat strikes?

What is error code: CAT in Destiny 2?

According to Destiny 2’s official help page, the problem will arise because “A new update to Destiny is available. If you are seeing this error the first time you launch Destiny, please exit the game and apply the update before relaunching.”

Essentially, this means your version of the game is out of date, and you need to make sure you have the latest update installed. The solutions below will help you to do this.

Error code CAT fix on console: PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

Even though there are multiple consoles that this error can occur on, the solution for all of them is pretty much identical. It’s a relatively simple and easy set of instructions to follow, and if you don’t have updates set to download automatically, then here’s what you’ll need to do.


  1. Ensure your PS4 or PS5 is turned on
  2. Sign in to your main PSN account linked to Destiny 2
  3. Head back to the PS4 or PS5’s home menu
  4. Scroll across until you find the Destiny 2 game start icon
  5. Press the ‘Options’ button on PlayStation
  6. Select ‘Check For Update’
  7. If it’s presumably not installed, then click to do so


  1. Ensure your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S is turned on
  2. Sign in to your main Xbox Live account linked to Destiny 2
  3. Head back to the home menu and select the ‘Games and Tabs’ option
  4. Locate the Destiny 2 game start icon
  5. Press the ‘Menu’ button on Xbox
  6. Click ‘Update’ for Destiny 2
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Fix the problem, mount your Sparrow, go and quest.

Error code CAT fix on PC

The fix for Destiny 2 PC players isn’t wholly different and still trails along the same lines as the console fix. It applies to both the Microsoft official Store and also the Steam application too.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

Microsoft Store

  1. Open up the ‘Microsoft Store’ app
  2. Find your profile icon on the screen
  3. Now press the ‘. . .’ button next to it
  4. Click ‘Downloads and updates’
  5. Next, you’ll need to select the ‘Get updates’ button
  6. Go into the Xbox PC app and select the ‘My Collection’ button
  7. We now go to ‘Manage Installs’ in the top corner
  8. Update Destiny 2 here and it will synchronize your updates


  1. Restart Steam on your PC
  2. If you have updates to download automatically, the Destiny 2 update should appear under ‘Downloads’
  3. If not, just manually select the ‘Update’ button
  4. If this proves to be unsuccessful, find and select the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ option in Steam app
  5. Check if the update has appeared under your downloads
  6. If not, try the ‘Clear the download cache’ in Steam and see if that works instead

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