All Neomuna region chest locations in Destiny 2: Lightfall

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Altogether there are nine Neomuna region chests to be found in Destiny 2, and some are harder to find than others. So, here’s how to find each chest.

The Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign is finally here and introduced a plethora of new content from quests to subclasses, to thrilling missions. One new element many are already trying to complete are the Neomuna region chests, after all, as well as providing some handy rewards, they are also required for a few quests.

However, these chests can be a little elusive, which is why it’s helpful to know their locations and a brief description regarding how to get hold of them.

So, with that in mind, here are all the Neomuna region chest locations in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2: Lightfall Zephyr Concourse chest locations

Destiny 2 Neomuna region chest location Zephyr Concourse
These Neomuna region chests can be a little tricky to reach but are well worth it.

Zephyr Concourse: On top of a balcony

One of the first region chests you’ll find in Lightfall is easily missed but relatively simple to get hold of. Just head over to Zephyr Concourse from Striders Gate and look out for a balcony to your left.

Jump on top of that balcony, look to your left and you’ll see an awning. Jump onto that again and you should see the chest on the roof of said balcony, jump over there and open the chest.

Zephyr Concourse: Hidden neon lights room

Further into Zephyr Concourse you’ll likely come across some neon lights just by a balcony. Head onto that balcony and jump to the awning-like ledges in front of you.

The lowest ledge leads to a door, thus allowing you to enter a hidden room. The chest is inside there.

Zephyr Concourse: Waiting through a window

The last chest you’ll be able to find in Zephyr Concourse is found stuck behind an impenetrable sheet of glass. It’s just below the main catwalk and can be a pain to grab at first glance.

So, simply head to the right of the window and look for a broken version with some weights inside. Enter and get into the air duct on the top left. Follow the path from there and you’ll be able to grab that trapped chest.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Límíng Harbor chest locations

Liming Harbor chest
Thankfully two of these chests are relatively close to each other.

Límíng Harbor: The crane

Due to its close proximity to Zephyr Concourse, you’ll likely want to look for this chest first when heading into Límíng Harbor. When you do, look for the huge crane and locate the building just behind it.

When you get to the building, jump up the scaffolding nearby that location and get on top of the catwalk above you. The chest is sitting there.

Límíng Harbor: Inside the huge ship

If using the crane was an easy enough landmark to spot, the giant ship will be the same. You’ll want to head over to this gargantuan ship, which is found just by the crane you’re already at, and head inside.

Once inside, head up the stairs, and navigate the catwalks above you until you reach the one with the chest.

Límíng Harbor: The catwalk by the turbines

The last chest you’ll find in Límíng Harbor is on another catwalk, only this time it’s by the turbines on the other side of Límíng Harbor.

Head to the other side of Límíng Harbor and look for two huge spinning turbines. Just by them is another catwalk. Jump past the turbines and onto the catwalk and the final Límíng Harbor chest will be yours.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Ahimsa Park chest locations

Ahimsa Park chest locations
You’ll need to navigate caves to reach two of these chests.

Ahimsa Park: The entrance

The last three chests you’ll be able to find in Neomuna are located in Ahimas Park, and naturally, the first one is relatively close to the district’s entrance.

When heading into the location from Límíng Harbor you’ll want to take a left and head towards a small courtyard. The chest is hanging on a ledge just inside there.

Ahimsa Park: A cave by Calus’ ship

Thankfully, the second chest isn’t too far away from the first in Ahimsa Park and can be found near Calus’ ship.

Head over to the ship, and look for a small ledge with a rainbow-like rock sticking out of the ground. head over there and you’ll find a small cave with the chest inside.

Ahimsa Park: A cave by the Typhon Imperator

The last chest in Ahimsa Park and Neomuna can be found just under the Typhon Imperator. When getting to the entrance of Calus’ ship, you should see some rubble and a hole in the floor nearby.

As it was with the last chest, there’s a cave over there. Head inside and you’ll see the chest shortly after.

So, those are all nine Neomuna region chests and their locations. While traveling through the districts, take a look at some of our other handy Destiny 2 guides:

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