Wild Destiny 2: Lightfall bug lets players farm Neomuna rep insanely fast

Liam Ho
destiny 2 lightfall nimbus

Guardians have found an insane bug with Destiny 2’s new Lightfall location Neomuna, allowing them to farm reputation for the zone incredibly fast.

Destiny 2: Lightfall‘s new location has many things for players to do, with lost sectors, secret chests, and public events galore. Many things are still left undiscovered about Neomuna, but players have been diligently exploring to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Completing various activities on Neomuna is great for the loot, but also increases the reputation with the city’s vendor, the Cloud Strider Nimbus. Nimbus watches over the city, and as thanks for your various deeds, will grant you rewards for assisting him in his trials. Reputation can be gained by doing almost any activity on Neomuna, with certain ones granting more than others.

Players have now found one of the best ways to farm reputation with Nimbus is by completing the Terminal Overload activity, a public event located on Neomuna. Its location rotates throughout Neomuna’s zones daily and can be accessed via the map. The activity has players perform various tasks around the zone while clearing out waves of Cabal and Vex enemies. Players then need to face off against a miniboss in order to complete the activity.

Terminal Overload drops two chests at the end, one requiring a key. The free chest can be gained by anyone who participated in the activity, meaning it’s a good way to gain Neomuna reputation. However, it has also been discovered that the chest can be looted more than once, making it an incredible way to farm reputation at insane speeds.

Neomuna Reputation Bug Farm

YouTuber ‘Tasso’ was able to find a bug that allowed the chest to be looted more than intended. Once the chests had spawned in, players were able to loot the chest for the first time. From there they’d quickly leave the load zone into a new area. (You would know when a new location appears in the bottom left corner).

Players could then re-enter the zone and loot the chest once again. This could be rinsed and repeated until the chest despawns, meaning it’s all about how quickly players can move.

The chest seemingly grants players 100 Neomuna reputation each go around, making it by far the most optimal method for farming, especially with this glitch.

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