Lightfall opening cutscene leaked early in major Destiny 2 datamine

destiny 2 lightfall wallpaperBungie

Destiny 2’s opening cutscene for Lightfall has been data mined ahead of the expansion’s launch, detailing interesting and momentous story moments following on from Season of the Seraph.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall will be released globally to all players tomorrow. However, that hasn’t stopped data miners from finding and releasing the opening cutscene for the expansion a day early.

SPOILER WARNING: This piece will contain spoilers for the opening cutscene of Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. Do not read on if you want to start the new journey unspoiled.

Destiny 2 left off on a massive cliffhanger with Season of the Seraph’s epilogue. We were left with the Traveller exposed, while the Witness and the Pyramid fleet quickly closed in. This left us in a particularly precarious spot, as the Guardians and the Last City scrambled to protect the Traveller.

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Fast forward to the opening cutscene for Lightfall, and we’re getting a continuation of that story.

The Last City sent out its fleet of various ships, with Amanda Holliday leading the charge. However, the Pyramid fleet containing the Witness was far too powerful. With a mere flick, they were able to send a shockwave that decimated the Last City’s ships.

The Traveller then fired out a massive beam of light at the Pyramid ships. More specifically, directly at the Witness. This created and grew plant-like entities wherever it landed. The Witness seemingly wasn’t affected by this, however, and was able to float towards the Traveller unphased, giving the Last City the first glimpse of their power in action.

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Obviously, the Last City’s defenses come into play with their ships going straight for the Witness. The Witness doesn’t seem to care about their defense, however, as they quite literally slice their ghosts and their ships into pieces.

The Pyramids are able to launch some form of a wave at The Traveller, causing it to explode in a pulse of energy, destroying the remainder of humanity’s defenses. The Witness is able to commune with the Traveller and envisions the planet of Neptune.

As such, they call upon their disciple, Calus, whom we get a better glimpse at. At the same time, Osiris understands what the Witness has seen, and calls upon everyone to head to Neptune in order to take the battle there.

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Zavala, however, cautions everyone, stating that they aren’t in the position to take a fight at the moment. Osiris retorts Zavala, insisting that they don’t have time to waste. Osiris heads off towards Neptune, with Ikora’s offering him her hopes, “Osiris, don’t die.”