Destiny 2 Lightfall complete mission list: All campaign missions in main story

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The Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion was released in 2023 and the campaign is accessible to all Guardians, so if you’re curious, here’s a look at every new story mission on the main path.

When jumping into any new Destiny 2 content drop, blitzing through campaigns is often the top priority. From Forsaken to The Witch Queen and of course, now with Lightfall, clearing the campaign is your key to reaching a vast array of endgame content.

Not only that, but this time around, the campaign is also your first means of coming to grips with Strand subclasses. So regardless of whether you jump in on classic difficulty or the steeper Legendary challenge, getting each story mission out of the way early on is vital.

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Below is a full look at every campaign mission included as part of the Lightfall story in Destiny 2.

How many Destiny 2: Lightfall missions are there?

In total, there are eight, full-length missions to undertake if you want to complete the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign.

If you read on, you’ll see that we’ve provided the name for every mission in Lightfall below, as well as the recommended power levels required if you’re going to attempt them on Legendary.

Destiny 2 Lightfall gameplayBungie
Lightfall’s campaign features eight main story missions.

Full Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign mission list

  • First Contact (Recommended Power on Legendary – 1610)
  • Under Siege (Recommended Power on Legendary – 1620)
  • Downfall (Recommended Power on Legendary – 1650)
  • Breakneck (Recommended Power on Legendary – 1670)
  • On The Verge (Recommended Power on Legendary – 1690)
  • No Time Left (Recommended Power on Legendary – 1700)
  • Headlong (Recommended Power on Legendary – TBD)
  • Desperate Measures (Recommended Power on Legendary – TBD)

While there are eight main campaign missions to clear in Lightfall, this obviously doesn’t take into account any bonus activities along the way. From side missions to Exotic quests and even just general resource gathering between, there’s plenty more to see and do beyond this core path.

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As always, there’s plenty of reason to venture back through these eight missions as well. Whether it’s to seek out the Legendary difficulty rewards or just to get it all done on your second and third Guardians, you’ll be experiencing these campaign missions a fair few times in Lightfall.

So, now that you know what the missions are in Destiny 2: Lightfall, let us assist you even further with a whole bunch of other useful guides to aid your gameplay in Lightfall:

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