Can banned CSGO players play Counter-Strike 2? Rules revealed by Valve

Ryan Lemay
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Valve’s release of Counter-Strike 2 is now confirmed and if you have been banned on CS:GO but are wondering whether your account can carry over to the sequel, here is everything you need to know.

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) prevents players from using third-party software in CS:GO to provide an unfair advantage.

Despite the anti-cheat’s best efforts, cheating still plagues casual and competitive matches. On February 14, a pro player was caught cheating live on stream in the Paris Major qualifiers.

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If players under the bright lights aren’t afraid of cheating, you best believe casual players don’t hesitate to use any means necessary to win. In September, CS:GO Stats reported Valve banned over 300,000 players in just 90 days.

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CS:GO 2 releases in Summer, 2023.

For those caught cheating, and hoping for a clean slate in Counter-Strike 2, Valve has now delivered a clear statement to users wanting a second chance.

Can players use the same banned CS:GO account to play Counter-Strike 2

On the Counter-Strike 2 limited test Steam FAQ page, Valve confirmed accounts with VAC or game bans in CS:GO cannot play Counter-Strike 2 on VAC Secured servers.

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They said: “No. Accounts with VAC or game bans in CS:GO cannot play Counter-Strike 2 on VAC-secured servers.”

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